AM-2 With No Sheath

AM-2 Knife, No Sheath

AM-2 Knife, No Sheath

AM-2 Knife, No Sheath


AM2 Knife Specs:

Blade Length: 3.6”
Overall  Length: 8.5”
Weight: 7.3 oz.
Blade Thickness:  0.156”
Steel Type:  D2
Handle Type: G10


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AM-2 Knife, No Sheath

Full Description

The AM-2 knife, by Abraham & Moses, is the perfect knife for Law Enforcement and EDC applications. It is perfect for situations where a large bladed knife is unwanted or not necessary. The AM-2 is slim and light, making it comfortable for all day wear on a chest-rig or a backpack. Made from D2 Steel, the AM-2 features an overall length of 8.5” and a blade measuring 3.6”. The precision machined G10 grip compliments the sizeable handguard and allows the operator to use this knife to the full extent of its abilities.

Basic Maintenance

We chose PD1, D2 and 440C for our lineup because of their superior wear resistance and toughness.  These alloys stand up to the rigors of prolonged survival scenarios, when strength, edge quality, and long service life are top priorities. These materials only require basic care to continue looking great.  Clean the blade after use with mild soap and water, then dry and apply a light coat of oil.  Be mindful that more frequent care will be required in high humidity and salt water environments.  These simple steps will help to prevent corrosion and keep the blade in top condition for years to come.

AM-2 Knife, No Sheath


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